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I cannot get windows update to work at all and have tried downloading sp1 several times but the burner is not working either. I am not that good with computers but have been fighting this for months.
Amd Processor 1100T x6 Phenom 2 @3400
8gb of 1600 ram
Ausus Sabertooth 990 FX board
AMD vid card 5400--I think

I can't get anything to work in windows 7 and I am hoping if I can download updates some of the things might start working. I have re-installed 3 times.
It says it can't update because update is not running. I have turned off updates and rebooted, then turned it on again and rebooted. Danada, nothing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you
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    Hit the green button and follow instructions ...
  2. Thanks das_stig
    But I have tried that several times with no luck, I am here using Linux Mint because Explorer Hangs and Internet explorer doesn't work at all. I have never had so much grief in my life, thank goodness Linux has grown up--I could not believe it--everything automatic-- if only gaming companies and Nuance supported Linux more or I could get wine going or Dos Box going. Well back to windows 7, it's activated but I really need to get updates on it.
    thanks again
  3. I finally got this fixed and have been downloading files all morning. It has enabled other programs (but not all) to come to life and work. The rest I will attack one at a time!
    I had to go into the registry and rename the update file and that was the fix a daunting task for an 80 yr old
    thanks so much
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