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I have 3 comps, a desktop and two laptops. Desktop pc has a Netgear WGR614v10 router w/ a wireless connection to a laptop. I'm trying to get the 3rd to connect and will not .. What steps do I take to connect that one? I have a CAT5e cable connecting from one laptop to the one that will not connect, it says it connected but there is no globe over the tv set icons on the 3rd one. Thank you.
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  1. Just to be clear, you have one desktop connected to the router with a cable, a laptop connected to the router with wireless, and the extra laptop connected to the first laptop with a cable?

    If so, have you tried connecting the third laptop to the router with wireless or wired, or is that not possible?

    Does one of you laptops have a gigabit Ethernet port? I ask because unless one does, you may not have auto-MDIX and would need a crossover cable for the connection.

    Also, with that type of connection, you will need to enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) in the first laptop wireless adapter, so that it will share with the connection on the Ethernet port. You can enable ICS by checking the box in the Network Control Panel, change adapter settings, network adapter right click and select properties, sharing tab, check the box to "allow other network users . . . ." Click OK.
  2. Thank you for your perfect answer to my problem, sorry to take so long responding .. CV
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