Is there any way to set up an Ad Hoc like this?

I have two separate WNICs, one of which I use to connect to my router for my internet access. The other I would like to use to setup an Ad Hoc network to share my computer's internet connection to other devices in my room. The reason being I want to share my VPN connection with my other devices, but cannot use the router to connect to the VPN.

Is there anyway to set this up in Windows 7 or 8? Obviously the way I'm doing it isn't working, as it disconnects from the router connection every time I connect to the ad hoc network.
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  1. Maybe and maybe not.

    You could using ICS more than likely be able to share internet access off the wireless nic to the secondary wireless nic.

    The problem I suspect you will face is the VPN software is many times designed to prevent exactly what you are doing. So first you would have to see if you could find a way to share the virtual lan adapter the VPN is creating with the seconday nic. All depends if ICS can figure it out....and then not have the VPN software detect it and block it.

    You may be better off running the VPN in a virtual machine and then using ICS to share this. Still ICS is a pain in general and last time I tried to combine virtual machines and ICS it took me all day.
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