stuttering video playback - HD problem?

I have soyo sy-6bb mobo with PIII 550 mhz cpu, 192 MB ram and nvidia vanta video card. Also I have 2 10 gig WD HD's connected to highpoint rocketRaid 100 raid0.
Everytime I play video file, playback stops momentarily every 10 seconds or so. During the stop, I can hear the system accessing HD. Any suggestion?
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  1. ""Any suggestion?""

    Yeah, there is one. How about telling what OS and software you are using to "play video file" and what kind of "video file" it is?

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  2. I'm running win2k and media player 7.
    Problem occurs when I play any avi, mpg files.
  3. The bare minimum requirements to play DivX files is a PII 450. This is with the lowest settings across the board on your computer. Most likely, you ahve settings at somewhat higher quality settings. That could be the problem. In any case, try defragging your hard drive to make it go a bit better.

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    2x80GB 7200RPM Maxtor
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  4. Your files might be corrupted(distorted/partially downloaded) as well. Check your files on another computer.

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