Verizon Modem into Router

Any can use my Verizon Wireless Router Modem, Into a Router for my Comcast modem

Verizon Modem Model 7500- Westell Model: A90 - 750015 - 07
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  1. The verizon device can operate as a normal router and use a ethernet port rather than the DSL to connect to stuff.

    So IF your comcast device is ONLY a modem then you could use this as a router. Not real sure you want to it is very old technology. It only does 802.11g.

    If your comcast device is actually a modem/router then I would use that device. You could I guess use the verizon as a AP to support old 802.11g client so you could run your main router in N only mode.
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    If your model has the first Ethernet port labeled EP1/Uplink, then maybe yes. Try the settings under section 5.2 in your MANUAL.
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