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Can i install windows updates with a pirated windows 7?

i need windows sp1 to play certain games
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  1. No,

    Toms hardware do not support pirated software. I suggest you go and buy a copy.
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    We can't help you. get a valid version of windows and install it with your own unique activation code. Pirated software is illegal and Not Supported on Tom's Hardware.
  3. well im not going to do that, but thanks for the heads up. hell id buy it, but it costs 100 dollars, i already bought the pc, now i have to buy windows? yeah right lol
  4. Normally I don't like to be harsh but, as I said pirated software is illegal. Go somewhere else and don't come back until you decide to obey the law.
  5. ^^ Not being harsh enough to be honest :)

    Have you tried linux? It's free.
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