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I currently have an old Linksys WRT54G router with 4 ethernet and 1 internet port. I have an old Sprint 660 modem connected to the router for internet access. I am also using 3 of the 4 ethernet ports for wired devices (main PC, NAS drive and Dish Network net access). I have another PC and a printer connected wirelessly to the router.

Now, with my modem going bad, CenturyLink has provided a combo modem/router (EQ660DR-F1) to be used in place of my Linksys router/modem, providing wired, wireless and modem capabilities in one.

My problem is that the new router/modem has only one ethernet port along with a DSL port. Obviously, I can connect my main PC to the ethernet port, DSL to the modem port and connect my 2nd PC and printer wirelessly as they are now.

Can anyone advise how I might connect my other 2 wired devices, possibly by a hub, AP or bridge or some other means? Can one of these be connected by wireless to connect the other 2 devices, or do these have to be connected physically by wire? Any solutions?
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  1. you could either buy a 5 port Giga switch, or turn of the DHCP and Wifi on the linksys and connect it the the CenturyLink via one of the LAN ports and use it a switch
  2. I think CenturyLink will provide a modem only if you request it. I have CenturyLink and I told them to provide the modem only so I could use my own router. They were happy to oblige. They gave me a Westell modem. Then you can go back to using your WRT54G just like you had it set up before.
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