Suggestion for RAM~

I'm thinking of getting the Corsair DDR333 RAM
anybody here ever use it? do you have a good experience with it?
it is able to run at CL2 with highest speed at same time (2/2/2/5)?
Are OCZ and GEIL good manufacturer of memory?
thanks for your suggestion~
oh yeah, and what's PC3500? DDR466? just curious.. cuz my motherboard is a KT333, I can only use DDR2700 ^^
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  1. You can't go wrong with Corsair RAM's which should be capable of running at CL2. PC2700 and DDR333 are exactly the same thing. The confusing rating systems invented by manufacturers of DDR-RAM are unfortunately due to marketing reasons... to compete against rambus' RD-RAM.
  2. thanks
    I just find out that Crucial made also DDR333 with CL2
    are they good compare to Corsair? cuz it's cheaper =P
    could I get that too?
  3. Yeah, Crucial makes good and inexpensive RAM's. And I don't see any reason why you shouldn't go for it.
  4. Oh right, thanks! I will go for it then
    but am I going to be able to run it at CL2?
    I've read review on KT333's motherboard that they aren't able to run DDR333 with CL2, is it true?
  5. I've been running all of my KT333 boards at CL2. The memory is more important than the board, here.
  6. Crucial....




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