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Sorry if this is a dumb question.. but i'm a little confused on what speed the RAM actually runs at.. lets say DDR 400 MHz for example. Ok, say your FSB is at 266 (133 x 2), does that mean your RAM is running @ 266 also, with the capability to be OC'd up to 400 MHz? Or does it run at 400 MHz reguardless of your FSB in asynchronous mode? I got a little confused on this when I read an article about running ram in asyncronous vs. synchronous, because I thought the ram ran at the speed of your FSB reguardless.

Thanks for any clarification you guys can provide.
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  1. * The ram runs at whichever speed the BIOS tells it - SPD or a percentage of the FSB, for example.

    * Particularly with respect to AMD Athlon systems it is assumed - recommended - that you're running your memory in sync with the FSB since that results in the best performance.

    * A memory module rated at 400MHz running in sync with a 266MHz FSB Athlon is running at 266MHz but with the cabability of running at 400MHz.
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