*ERROR 0xc000000e* - PC Crashes after 30mins or so

Hi there

Recently I came home to find my pc on this black screen with a few things on it such as

-"Windows failed to start, this could be due to a recent software or hardware change"
-"a required boot device was inaccessible"
-"error 0xc000000e"

Now my pc consistently crashed after running fine for roughly 30-40mins. I researched this error but most people say they cant boot at all and repairing Windows solved it. Well I can boot, so finding a answer to my problem has been difficult.

So far, I've tried repairing Windows and also re-installing Windows, just to make sure it isn't OS or driver related.

Any help would be great, I guess the obvious candidate is my SSD is failing but I'm new to all this tech repair stuff, how can I verify this is the case?

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  1. Interesting that you can boot; have you partitioned your SSD? Do you have another hard drive you can load and run?
  2. My ssd is not partitioned no. Probably should be but I basically never bothered because apart from a couple programs it basically served as a boot drive.

    I have a 1tb samsung drive in there that I could partition and install windows on. That sounds like a good way of seeing if the SSD is to blame. Ill do that soon and get back to you
  3. RyQril said:

    Thanks, this was one of the 1st things I tried. I always google the problem and do the straight forward stuff before I bother others with my problem(or atleast try to).

    The repair came up, "no faults found".
  4. I seem to have a new problem now just to make things that little bit more hilarious.

    As you know, I re-installed windows on my SSD. Now I get to the welcome screen to type in my password but my keyboard is unresponsive, as is my mouse.

    Tried several different keyboards/mice from around my house, tried several different USB sockets on my PC. How the hell do I log on/go to safemode, or try to remotely fix my intial problem if I cant even get my keyboard working -.-.

    Has my lazy way of re-installing windows without deleting the old stuff somehow screwed with my USB ports? Do I need to go buy a ps/2 keyboard/mouse to solve this?
  5. Naturally, when it rains, it pours. I've had this problem with XP all the time with USB keyboards and mice. Have you tried a PS2 device (reboot with it installed)?
  6. No I don't have any PS2 keyboard/mice about. Looks like I gotta run down to the shop and buy a pair. Oh the joy.

    Assumably, Ill plug those in and they'll work on reboot. Ill get back to you once Ive wasted more cash on these items xD
  7. That's pretty much it, boot with the PS2 devices installed, reinitialize your USB ports (if necessary - then you should be able to switch back to your USB devices) and see if Windows functions without crashing on your mechanical 3 1/2" drive. That should do the trick. Hopefully.
  8. shadow71 said:
    That's pretty much it, boot with the PS2 devices installed, reinitialize your USB ports (if necessary - then you should be able to switch back to your USB devices) and see if Windows functions without crashing on your mechanical 3 1/2" drive. That should do the trick. Hopefully.

    Thanks for your response.

    One thing I wanted to add before I go buy a PS2 keyboard/mouse is although my keyboards show 0 response, my mouse atleast lights up. Does this change anything? Bear in mind the mouse is still unresponsive but unlike the keyboard it still shows signs of life.


  9. Never though about that.

    Given it's a USB mouse, the lights would indicate it has power but, if there's no movement on the monitor, there's a communication issue between the mouse and computer and it's going to be related to mouse, USB port or drivers. Since you've tried other USB ports, it's either mouse or drivers. Because it worked before, I'm guessing drivers, most likely corrupted USB, but it's kind of difficult to reinstall drivers without a working mouse/keyboard combo, hence using PS2 devices (I apologize if I come off snarky here, just running down my thought sequence on this issue). So, you need a PS2 mouse/keyboard to check your device drivers to make sure all the USB ports are functional, then you can proceed to try to troubleshoot the original problem.
  10. Okay, so. I got my USB's working after using a ps/2 keyboard to format my SSD drive and reinstall windows 7 amd my USB drivers.

    Now, it still crashed so I then partitioned a 80gb free space on my data drive and installed Windows 7 to that so that I could see if my SSD was the problem.

    Success, not crashing anymore so clearly my SSD is broken somehow. However I have a new problem and it is most likely due to my inexperience in partitioning drives for new OS installs. My old data on that drive no longer runs. It simply is not recognised by my new OS install

    I assume I've done some newbie mistake here assuming that If i partion my data drive for a new OS install, it will still be able to run all my old executables such as games/itunes etc. Pictures and music still work but nothing that requires a .exe.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hi CreepStar,

    Sorry to ditch last night, I'm on the west coast of the US and really needed to crash.

    I've never partitioned a drive that has data on it but it looks like, off the top of my head, your partition has overwritten some critical portion. Since you've resolved the other issues and figured out the SSD is bad, I would suggest opening a new thread on Tom's to see if there is any way to recover your lost data (there are many wiser minds than mine here), linking to this thread to show what has been done so far.
  12. No probs shadow71.

    I think I might just do that, but im going to try a few things myself.

    As a summary to this whole process of my broken SSD:

    In my case the SSD did happen to simply be failing however after speaking to some other owners of crucial m4 128gb SSD's aswell as the crucial technicians themselves, the firmware of the SSD is known to be the blame for this and often a simple firmware upgrade fixes athis type of crashing problem/error, unfortunately not in my case though.

    Thanks again to all that posted.
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