Yellow Triangle on Wireless signal.

Alright, I am stuck with no clue how to proceed. I have the M2N32-SLI Deluxe/Wireless Edition motherboard with onboard wireless. I built this computer myself. I did a fresh install of Windows 7. I installed the wireless drivers from the asus website by putting them onto a flash drive from my laptop and installing them on my desktop.
On my wireless signal, I get the yellow triangle with a ! in the middle. Nothing else has been installed. I am at a loss of what to do to get rid of this and just get my wireless to work. We have 3 other laptops and one other desktop that work fine with no issues, but this one desktop seems to have problems.

I am at a loss, any suggested or directions? I would greatly appreciate your insight!
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  1. Does device manager show the wireless adapter is working correctly? Has an antenna been attached? Did you read the motherboard manual thoroughly regarding the wireless feature? If you eventually conclude that the onboard wireless adapter is defective, you could disable it in device manager and install a PCI-e wireless adapter.
  2. Thanks for the response, very much appreciated!

    The device manager shows it is working (well, it shows it is there and doesn't show an error). Antenna is attached. I will read the motherboard manual right now. I don't think it is defective, as I installed a regular PCI wireless adapter with the software and have the same issue.
  3. If you installed a PCI wireless adapter and did not disable your onboard wireless, then it still is using the onboard wireless (even though the PCI wireless adapter is in place) and will give the error signal. Reading the motherboard manual is a good move.
  4. Just got done with the manual, and there isn't info relating to the wireless device. Manual here:

    I disabled the onboard wireless, then shut down and installed the new wireless adapter and software. Still getting the yellow !.

    I have also tried the methods here with no success:
  5. I think there is a separate manual for the onboard wireless feature of your motherboard. Go to this site:

    Then page down until you find "ASUS Wifi-AP Solo User's Manual for English Edition (E2564)". Download it and read it over. It may help.
  6. It looks like my link won't take you directly to the exact download page. Once you get to the place where my link takes you, expand the "Manual" link, and then look for the ASUS Wifi-AP Solo download.
  7. Thanks, I will give that a shot.
  8. Read the manual, nothing that seemed overly helpful.
  9. Only thing I can guess is the software onboard software that comes with the manual says it works for windows versions up to Vista (7 wasn't out yet). That being said, Asus wi-fi uses the realtek driver, which I downloaded without success. The new pci adapter I have tried should also work, but it is having the same issues with it's software.
  10. Here are only a couple of thoughts, but they are a stretch:
    1. Make sure the drivers you are downloading are 32 bit if you have a 32 bit OS, or 64 bit for a 64 bit OS.
    2. Maybe the PCI slot you are using is dead. Try putting the wireless adapter in a different PCI slot.
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