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So I built a good gaming pc and it's great but the only thing is I have problems with connection to internet. I currently have a tp-link pci adapter and I seemed to work great until I tried to play Bf3. It would firstly give a slow connection and would also kick me from the internet after about 5 minutes. This is really bugging me. I don't have a option to run a internet cable to my pc and I'm not sure about the alternatives. Could you please give me a advice on what I should do to get a good stable fast connection?
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  1. A cable connection is always superior to wireless, especially for gaming or video streaming since they are high bandwidth uses -- they are more susceptible to interference with a wireless connection, and you get disconnected.
  2. Yes I know that but I can't get my Lan cable to work.... Can you help me with that my mobo is the asrock h77 pro4/mvp
  3. Sure, but need a little more info.

    I will assume that you already checked the cable and router LAN port since you do your own builds.

    Windows 7, which version Home/Pro/other? Does the LAN adapter show up in the device manager and say that it is working properly? If you look into the network control panel is the network unidentified? And if you type ipconfig into the command prompt box do you get a real LAN address or a 169.x.x.x address?
  4. Hey everyone,

    Sorry for the really late responce but I got it to work. Apparently I did not have the lan drivers installed and I thought that I did.........
    But thanks for your reply's
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