Im getting this around twice a week. Doesn't matter what im doing screen and mouse just freezes than I get this BSOD. Can anyone please analyse it for me so I can take action. Thanks
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  1. Hard Disk problem.

    Open the "Computer" window
    Right-click on the drive in question
    Select the "Tools" tab
    In the Error-checking area, click <Check Now>.
  2. yea just did what you said on both of my hard drives. I hope it fixed it. But I still have another issue. I keep getting kick out of games to windows. First the screen is frozen than the mouse pointer is frozen, the sounds go off and after a blackscreen I got kicked to desktop. Without opening up the task manager and quitting the game from there I cant click anywhere on my PC. This occurs mainly on SWTOR and Max Payne 3. Other games are fine. Why do you think this is happening?
  3. All of my drivers are up to date including AMD drivers, DX and visual c++, .net framework, windows updates and all other 3rd party softwares. Im using Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate. ATI Radeon HD6970 2gb video gard and ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z mother board with 4 GB Kingston 2200 mhz DDR3 RAM. Why do I get constant freeze and crash during gaming?
  4. As stated this error indicates that a file(s) that need to be read and loaded can't be. It appears the file in question is srv.sys. This is a valid and required file for windows. It is a service that should load with the start of windows. You might check the connections to your HDD also, making sure they are properly inserted and tight. Once booted check in the services tab of administrative tools to see that this file is set to automatic start in it's properties tab. I doubt this is s software issue. How old is your HDD and what size and brand is it? Just read your additional post. The game errors could be caused by a failing HDD. If when the game needs to call new data from the HDD it encounters errors, it will freeze up.
  5. Its Kingston 120GB SSD the one im using Windows on. Other one is sort of a backup drive, Western Digital 1TB. I have my games and other stuff that take too much space. They are not that old I guess its been hardly a year since I bought them...
  6. So DogSnake what do you think I should do about this? I can't play any game cause it keeps freezing and crashing. My games are installed on 1TB while I use Windows on SSD. CheckDisk didnt do anything cause Max Payne 3 is still crashing the moment I start playing. I know its not an overheat issue since the games crash the moment I launch them sometimes
  7. Run Chckdisk on both drives. Boot and storage.

    Max Payne 3 could also be corrupted. I would reinstall the program.
  8. Right now im preparing to format both harddrives. its not only max payne 3, its also star wars the old republic and mass effect 3. Randomly frozen screen, mouse than a blackscreen which takes me back to desktop and only way to quit the game and gain control of my mouse again is to use task manager. Btw I did checkdisk on both of them, my games still kept freezing. Im sure its not a software or overheat issue. Also ive tried to play the games on both SSD and normal 1tb hdd, on both games kept freezing.
  9. lets see how it will turn out after I format both hdd's and make a clean install of all drivers and windows itself on SSD. I hope it fixes my issue.
  10. make sure you have the newest bios for your mb there new cpu code and code for the sata ports on asus web page.also check that your ssd have the newest firmware. with your 2200 ram. use cpu-z and see what sped the mb set the ram at. myself i would set it a 1333 or 1600 to see if it a bug between the mb and the ram. also check that your sdd and hd are on the intel sata ports.
  11. most times bsod are caused by drivers, or antivirus. did you install anything recently.
    can you post your build or machine make and model.
  12. My build is;

    Intel i7 2600K 3.4Ghz 8MB
    Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z
    Asus ATI Radeon HD6970 2GB
    G-Skill (2x2) 4GB 2133MHZ DDR 3
    120 GB Kingston SSD + 1TB WD HDD
    SeaSonic 850W M12II-850Bronze PSU
    Thermaltake BWS6000 Armor High Tower
    Logitech G19 keyboard and G700 mouse
    27` LED Philips 273E(LH) monitor
    Logitech Z5500 5+1 sound system

    Ive updated BIOS today before everything, freezing didnt stop. I dont have any antivirus installed and all my drivers are up to date as I mentioned before. Btw they are plugged into Intel sata ports. I will update the firmware of my SSD after I format both harddrives and see how that goes.
  13. did you install gamer osd? its bloatware that came with the card.
  14. I guess its not installed why?
  15. ok after I've formated and reinstalled the whole system than tried SWTOR. I've managed to play like an hour after that game freezed for like 10 seconds than it didnt occur again. Im going to check Max Payne 3 now. No blue screens yet. Why are these damn freeze/crash is happening I dont get it... From BIOS to Windows and all drivers are reinstalled, I've even unplugged everything and cleaned the dust inside the tower, yet still games froze.
  16. sounds like you cheeped out on your power supply and is causing issues. what the model and spec of your ps???
  17. yea ive guessed that power supply might be insufficient.. all I know is that its brand is High Power and its 600W (its been 3 years since I bought it and its the oldest part in my system). Are you sure that might be the issue? Because ill have to spend some cash to buy at least 800W+ if it is... After this point its no longer a software issue anyways!
  18. Bad RAM, prehaps? Granted, that BSOD isn't a typical RAM related BSOD, but its probably the next thing to look at. Run memtest86 for a bit.
  19. well im over BSOD now. the problem is that games are freezing. Although its a lot rare now, after the format, I still have it. i will change my PSU. 600W seems to be insufficient
  20. try setting your ram to a slower speed like 1333 in the bios and see if the lock up happen. i would also see if a friend has soem other rma you can try to see if it a ram issue.
  21. ok this morning I just woke up and turned on my pc and went over to living room. After 10 minutes when I check on my PC, there was an error on the screen `Windows encountered an unknown error.`. That means one thing. I head over to the c: /windows/minidump and there it was. BSOD is back! After everything ive done nothing has changed, games are still freezing and now on top of that BS is back. Tonight I will try to change my PSU with a new one and see if its going to fix it....
  22. Again: Run memtest86.
  23. memtest86 v4.0a completed - error:0 ! So its not the RAM... back to my suspicion on HDD+SSD or PSU... what do you think? its been 3.5 years since I bought my 650W PSU. DO you think thats what halting my PC on gaming?
  24. Ive just bought SeaSonic 850W PSU, all cables plugged in correctly. Launched Ghost Recon Future Soldier and on the first scene of the cutscene ITS FROZEN AGAIN. Just wasted 200 dollars... Any other suggestions?
  25. make sure in the bios the ipgpu is set to disable (the mvp Lucid Virtu Software V1.2.108.18765 is buggy) it will cause your games to crash if it loaded. i would also see if a friend has some ddr3 ram you can use or if there a micro center that has a 30 days return pick up some 1600 ram that on the mb qal list. i would also try moving the dimms to another slot on the mb to see if you have a bad stick of ram or a bad ram slot.
  26. IGPU is already disabled. I also suspect the RAM but first im going to use my brother's ATI 5850 graphic card to be sure. Because a few minutes back I ran 3D Mark 2011 Advanced Edition. On the second test it froze and crashed again and gave an error message which is;

    Workload work failed with error message:
    eva:: d3d11::rendering::scene_renderer::render():
    draw_depth_task for thread 0: File:
    Line: 515
    Function: struct ID3D11CommandList *__cdecl
    eva:: d3d11:: deferred_device_context:: do_finish_com mand_list(bool)

    Expression: native()->FinishCommandList( restore_deferred_context_state, &result): DX11 call failed.

    Device hung due to badly formed commands.
  27. `Device hung due to badly formed commands.` this error message has also poped when Ghost Recon Future Soldier crashed.
  28. ok guys it seems like my 1 year old Radeon 6970 is broken. With my brother's 5850 I played all games flawlessly. I will keep testing some more so that I can be sure.
  29. hello again.. Ive got my 6970 back from service today. They said they've changed the processor of the card and tested/approved that there are no more problems. So I plugged it in and installed 12.6 drivers. Launched Secret World, topped up the graphics, 2 mins later BAM frozen and kicked out to desktop. Its-still-not-fixed! One time I got a bubble at the bottom of the screen "AMD drivers has stopped working and successfully recovered". I searched it on google and those people who had that bubble also have the same issues; freeze - black screen - kick to desktop or game goes on like nothing happend. How can I fix this? I guess its a software issue.
  30. Try setting all all graphics to medium and see if it makes a dif.
  31. but why.. I have a top end pc I want to play the games on high setting.. this AMD has stopped working stuff has to have a fix
  32. Why? Because if the issues clear up then even though you think your system is the best you may have to turn down some graphics adjustments. Why? Because it is a test and we are trying to discover what is the problem. It is the way we have to work in a forum where the problem system is not sitting on my bench where I can try various things quickly and in person. And I would not call 4g of ram exactly top end. In addition have you entered the bios and set your memory configuration by had, not relying on auto settings? Also I would like to know what a utility like CPU-Z says your memory settings are. If I were you I would check and set all my voltages and memory timings by hand.
  33. Sorry for the attitude its just that im really pissed off at this situation. Its been a week and no matter what ive tried its not going away! Ive called the tech support again and they told me to send the GPU back to them for more testing. I believe its from GPU as well because last week while it was away at tech support I used my onboard Intel HD3000 for gaming and although games run with low fps even with lowest setting I had none of those issues above. On the other hand, I think it might be a software issue because I ran 3D Mark 2011 again yesterday and I got this error on the second test after freeze and kick back to desktop;

    "AMD driver has stopped working and recovered successfully." if we translate that bubble. I googled it and its mainly a driver issue where there are leftovers from the old one. I've uninstalled with Driver Sweeper on Safe Mode countless times and tried 12.4, 12.6 beta and 12.6 full release drivers. Its still happening!
  34. Here are the steps I've taken so far in 2 weeks in order to fix the problem and all of them failed;

    - Formatted Windows and clean installed everything with latest drivers,
    - Changed my PSU (upgraded from 650W to 850W),
    - Send my ATI ASUS HD6970 to tech support and they've changed the processor,
    - BIOS updated,
    - Memtestx86 for testing RAM - no error
    - CheckDisk both of my SSD and HDD - nothing,
    - Tried 12.4, 12.6 beta and 12.6 full release drivers,
    - Uninstalled Intel HD drivers incase there is a conflict,
    - Increased every fan in my PC to see if its overheating,
    - No overcloak made since the day I purchased my PC,
    - Plugged out every piece of hardware and cleaned the dust,
    - Plugged out single stick of RAM and downgraded from 2133 mhz to 1600mhz,

    Is there anything I missed out so far?
  35. Please try setting your memory parameters by hand in the bios. Often the auto settings are not correct. Be sure you have the correct memory voltage set and the first 4 memory settings (at least). Is it correct that you are using Windows 7 64 bit? You never confirmed this. You might try selecting an XMP profile for a memory setting also. Do you know how to check to see what programs are running at start up? This issue may be a memory problem.
  36. Yes I use Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate and my rams were in XMP till this day. Yesterday I rolled back them from 2133 mhz to 1600 mhz and tried to run on only 2gb from 4gb.. I use G-Skill Ripjaw 4GB DDR3 2133mhz.. Didnt touch the voltage cause I dont know the exact settings to configure them...
  37. But tell me isn't it weird that I play all my games without problem with crappy Intel HD3000 onboard chip while everything becomes a mess when I plug in 6970?
  38. Warhurst said:
    hello again.. Ive got my 6970 back from service today. They said they've changed the processor of the card and tested/approved that there are no more problems. So I plugged it in and installed 12.6 drivers. Launched Secret World, topped up the graphics, 2 mins later BAM frozen and kicked out to desktop. Its-still-not-fixed! One time I got a bubble at the bottom of the screen "AMD drivers has stopped working and successfully recovered". I searched it on google and those people who had that bubble also have the same issues; freeze - black screen - kick to desktop or game goes on like nothing happend. How can I fix this? I guess its a software issue.

    Ok, here's what looks like is happening:

    The second parameter of the BSOD indicates why the crash happened. This parameter is 0xC000000E: STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE. This means that "A device that does not exist was specified."

    Based on the "GPU driver has stopped responded and has recovered" messages, it looks like the GPU is sometimes not being detected by the OS, and depending on what the system is currently doing, the driver either sucessfully resets itself, or the system BSOD's.

    When you get the "Driver has stopped resonding" message, are you doing anything graphic intensive (games), or is it random? Might be an underpowered PSU unable to keep the GPU at full power at full load. If the GPU is not properly powered, it may briefly de-power, and the OS can no longer see it. This seems to be the most likely cause now...
  39. Ive just bought my PSU its Seasonic 850W 80Plus so it cant the PSU, same thing was happening on my old 650W High Power Absolute so I changed it with this one.. Yes that message pops every time I play games and it happens randomly sometimes twice in a second or every 10 minutes or so. It always happens while graphic intensive stuff going on.. never happened once while idle on windows! Sometimes it happens the moment I launch the game even before it starts. Froze - black screen - game is back or kick to desktop with that freaking bubble on the right bottom corner...
  40. Looking over your posts you said that you got the video card back repaired and the work order said replaced gpu? It is very rare that a company would go to the trouble to replace a bad chip. Usually you get a new or refurbished card. Can you check the serial numbers, do you have you original card or was it replaced? Please check Cat. Cntrl. Cntr. under the Performance tab. At the bottom of the Overdrive adjustments is one for power. Where is it set to? Try setting it to max (+20%). and see if it makes a dif.
  41. Well yea I did check it they've really changed the chip and gave me my card back but as a result nothing is fixed because games keep freezing. Tomorrow im sending it back for another look and if they can't fix it again, they will take it back and give me a new one or some other card of the same price. I've already unplugged the card and back to my Intel HD3000 while my 6970 is away. Crappy graphics and fps but at least games will not freeze now... If they give me an option to pick another card I will probably go for GTX670 by adding some more cash onto it
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