disable RAID but still use IDE channels??

here is my system: i have P4 3.00Ghz onb gigabyte SINXP1394 board. ut has teh ITE GigaRIAD controler and SATA controller built in. I have disabled the SATA controller since i dont use it. I have a dvd burner and a cd burner hooked up to the 2 IDE channels on the board seperatly. I have the 2 seagate barracuda IV 80gig drives plugged into the IDE 3 and 4 channels which are the RAID spots.

now... is it possible to disable RAID and still use these channels? if so how? I tried setting up a RAID and was unhappy with performance, so i set it up as JBOD and now its even slower....

so is it possible to not use the raid controler and jsut the IDE channels? like get rid of the "press ctrl g to enter RAID setup" screen durring boot?

best bios error...."no keyboard detected.... press F1 to continue....."
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  1. Yep, they'll work on Hard Drives. Most DVD/CD-R and other optical devices won't work, though. You'll probably still need to boot from IDE 1 or 2.
  2. i have the 2 HDD hooked to IDE 3 and 4... adn cd and dvd to IDE 1 adn 2. can i boot off of IDE 3 or 4 without the RAID installed or having it disabled? that is waht i want to do....

    best bios error...."no keyboard detected.... press F1 to continue....."
  3. just goto Bios and disable it and see. If it doesnt work restart and goto bios and enable it.

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  4. You can use IDE 3 and 4 as RAID or standard IDE channel depending on what driver you install. If you read the manual, you will see what you need to proper install the IDE devices.

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  5. Not that controller, this is a new one specifically designed to support ATAPI devices. But he just wants to quit using it all together and disable it, which he can do in BIOS.

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