Wireless adapter acting up?

Im having a problem with my wireless connection all of a sudden. Up until the past day or so, I have gotten the download and upload speeds that I pay for and a little extra. Running I speed test I would usually get around 40mbps download and 5mbps upload. Yesterday I relized that my torrent download was giving my a really high ping ingame, so I ran a speed test and ended up getting around 15mbps dl and 1mbps up. Im using the netgear n300 wireless adapter, and yes I know just running an ethernet would be easier, but the last one I had was chewed by my dog. Ive tested the connection on a laptop and get normal speeds, so I think its fair to eliminate my router as being the problem. Im assuming that my wireless adapter is the problem, but I can't figure out why my connection is crap all of a sudden, nothing has changed in the past few days that, so I can't see it being anything interrupting the connection.

Here's a test I just ran, keep in mind this is 5 minutes after I got the 15mb upload.

Would be great if someone could help me figure this out, thanks!
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  1. Wireless is much more susceptible to interference, especially for high bandwidth application and those that use many connections (torrent clients). You can check for other nearby network signals that are causing a problem with INSSIDER, a free wireless signal analyzer.

    Insure that you are using a channel that does not have other strong network signals (choosing from channels 1,6, and 11 the non-overlapping channels). Also, insure that you are using N only with WPA2 security and AES encryption. If there are no other wireless network signals detected you can try channel bonding (using a 40MHz wide channel instead of 20MHz).

    The adapter location and positioning is important to it working, try to keep it away from other radio sources and metal, cement/brick, etc. that blocks wireless effectively.
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