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i have jumb web cam. i have cd for it zs011 setup. my os is windows 7. f=3.85 10 megapixel digital zoom camara. driver not working properly. please guide or tell me from where or which driver is compatible with this webcam.
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  1. whatever the brand of the webcam is go to their website to get it
  2. my webcam manufacturer has no website and that is why i have posted here. though i have cd for the driver provided with my web cab which i have earlier mentioned but it is not working. thanx for your reply.
  3. well if they have no website then google is the only thing that will help you. anyone else would be doing the same thing in this situation
  4. whatever the brand of the webcam is just go to their website and download it and install it properly. If it not seems to working properly then make sure then your cam is well attached to your PC.
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