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Hello, i have to install the MCI driver for windows 7 and i have been thru site after site, and every different area on the computer. I need to study @ I am confused, assist me in finding the mci driver for window so I can get back to studying.
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  1. Manojgi, that link is useless because the answer in the link you posted is for a Vista machine, and this poster is asking about Windows 7.

    I know the answer-- there is no option for Windows 7 according to the Microsoft site. Another design flaw in the Windows 7 horrible program. Windows 7 is the worst most poorly designed computer product I have ever had the misfortune of having to use. I have the GRE study guide also and the CD Rom will not work with this crappy Windows 7. Why not? It worked with every other version. Microsoft is just trying to make you buy more useless crap to make up for their poorly designed product. I will never buy another Windows product again.
  2. It seems obtaining an mci driver is more than a little difficult. Microsoft points people to Kaplan to get it, and Kaplan points people to Microsoft. Anyhow, the bottom line is that an mci driver for windows 7 is not yet available. There are posts in other blogs to resolve the issue by downloading an xp virtual image software from microsoft. The xp software is free, but for 64-bit windows 7 computers, one must already have at least the professional version of windows 7. Most people (including myself have the premium home version. To upgrade to the professional version allowing windows 7 to be backwards compatible w/ older XP software, requires a fee to microsoft of about $90. Scandalous, yes. OK. As a result, after much frustration, I discovered a simple and free solution to allow one to run the kaplan CD on 64-bit windows 7 operating systems:

    1) Click on: start menu > control panel > Device Manager > any and all sound cards or sound devices (listed under sound, video, and game controllers) > Click on "Driver" tab > click "disable button; be careful to NOT click on "uninstall"; repeat steps as necessary for all sound devices

    2) Locate the .exe executable file for the Kaplan software after installation (C: program files (X86): Kap.GMATTests: Kaplan GMAT CD Companion.exe)

    3) Right click on the .exe file and click on properties at the bottom of the drag down list.

    4) Click on the compatibility tab

    5) Click the radio button for "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"

    6) Select "Windows XP Service pack 2" from the options available from the drag down list below the above radio button just clicked.

    7) Click Apply

    8) Open the program and start practicing GMAT tests!!

    This method is a bit involved and needs to be repeated whenever you use the software, but at least it works without a problem, its free, and it requires no downloads. Note that after you're done using the software, you'll likely want to go back and "enable" all your sound devices in the control panel.

    Best of luck on the GMAT exam!!
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