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I have Corsair PC3000C2 256MB on Asus P4S533. Officialy, the motherboard supports PC2100 and PC2700 memory, even though higher speeds are working on it too. CPU-Z shows that my memory is PC2700 even though its actually PC3000. Is it true? What BIOS settings should I make to run PC3000 memory at its speed instead of PC2700?
Thanks for any comments.

P.S. I dont want to overclock anything, just run it at factory tested speeds.
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  1. Your memory is capable of runnig and pc3000 speeds but it's reading 2700 because likely your fsb on your ram right now is set to 166... You can increase it to match your ram but it won't help you any since it is not in synch with the cpu...

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  2. Ok, thanks, its getting clearer.

    So since it cannot be in sync with my CPU, I cannot use memory higher than PC2700 on my motherboard (P4S533)? How do people use PC3500 on P4 motherboards then?
  3. They are not at the same frequency but they are not running asynchronous.

    The MCH builds a intermediary signal to act as a transmission if the two clock speeds are different. (FSB and Memory Bus)

    You can use memory that is faster than your FSB. The PC3500 is just a rating. The manufacturer is stating that the memory is able to run at base clock signal of 218.75MHz. You can clock the memory bus up to 218.75MHz and leave the FSB at 133.33MHz.

    218.75MHz * 8Bytes(wide) * 2bits/per clock = 3500 MB/s

    133.33 * 4 = 533.33 MHz (QDR signal)

    They will still be running synchronous, the signals will be different and the MCH will figure at an intermediary signal so the two can stay synchronized.

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