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I am looking to host a DSL connection with a WIN98 SE system then share it out to a WIN 2000 server system. Dont ask me why.

I think I found that win98se can only share its internet connection with other win 9x computers and not with nt and 2000 systems. Is this true? Is there any way you guys can think of around this?


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  1. no this not true I share an internet connection to win2k machines from a 98se machine. It works just fine..

  2. Exactly, I have no problems sharing the connection from Win98se, WinME, or Win2k to any machine, all works fine. If you are having problems tell how you are attempting to share it, and or any other problems you are having sharing the connection.
  3. Is your win2k machine running the DHCP service?
    When Internet connection sharing is enabled, win98 also sets up a simple DHCP server. Having multiple DHCP servers on a LAN is against the rules, so if win98 detects one already exists when it loads, it disables connection sharing.

    Also, many DSL providers supply you with software that doesn't work with connection sharing - because they don't want you to share it. If this is the case, check out <A HREF="" target="_new"> RASPPPOE </A>
  4. Hi there,
    I've got a similar problem. PC "B" running Win98 with modem. PC "A" running Win98 Dual Win2K. The IP address of "B" is and "A" under both OS's. I do I go about enabling sharing. I tried using the stupid wizard and what it does is set IP to Auto for PC "B" and bombs on PC "A". I haven't tried under Win2k for "A" though. Also another quick Q, if PC "B" in not connected ie dial up. Will PC "A" automatically launch the dialer or will I-sharing only happen if "B" is connected?
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  5. Are you using dial up dsl or permanent? If you're having a lot of problems with the dial up just get a permanent connection and a hub. Usually doesn't cost that much more and it might save you headaches down the road. Only thing a novice like me could thing of.
    Good Luck
  6. Everyone's right! W2k, W9x, Nt will all share, but ya have to follow the rules.. I can use RideWay proxy server on any box in my network. But you cann't run IIS, DCHP or DSN on the proxy server box.. Rideway, and most other proxy servers will say "port xx alreay in use!!". Does seam quite logical TCP/IP ports on any one box can be used for only one primary purpore no mater how you try to share!!!
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