Triple Boot Using Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu

Let me get right to the point (details to follow). I want to be able to triple boot Windows 7, Mac OS X and Ubuntu and I don't know how or if it is even possible.

For the past few weeks I have been looking for a guide on how to triple boot using Windows 7, OS X and Ubuntu. However, I have not been able to find a guide that pertains to my situation; my situation is that I have Windows 7 already installed which I am currently using and now I want to install and use OS X and Ubuntu in a triple boot configuration. The guides that I have seen so far have OS X as the starting operating system and go on to show how to install Windows 7 then Ubuntu, or the guides force me to repartition the drive with my Windows 7 installation and start all over, or the guides only show me how to install all three operating systems on a single drive with three partitions.

Ideally here is what I would like...
1. Keep my original Windows 7 installation intact. I have quite a few programs installed and would very much enjoy not having to set up everything again.
2. Have each operating system (Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu) on their own hard drive. Or at the very least have OS X and Ubuntu on a single drive, each with their own partition
3. Be able to triple boot and select the operating system I wish to use.

I'm not sure how feasible this all is but anyway if you all in Tom's Hardware land could let me know if this is even possible, give me some how-to info or send me a link to a guide on how to get the configuration I want that would be fantastic.

Thank you all.
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  1. It should be possible. Just to be safe, when installing OS X and Ubuntu, remove the other hard drives with ther othger OS's. After you install all three on seperate drives, you can hook them all back up. I'm also not sure how well OS X will run on a PC designed for Windows.
  2. I would instead install VMware Workstation and install Mac OS and Ubuntu as VMs (virtual machines). The VMs can all operate at the same time as Windows 7 plus be able to share data.
  3. Hi, I believe the newer Chameleon boot loaders will do what you want. Here is what I'd do.

    -get second hard drive and install
    -disconnect Windows drive
    -boot OSX (check out tonymacx86/Multibeast) and partition drive
    -install OS X
    -install multibeast/chameleon boot loader
    -boot Linux disk and install on other partition
    -check that boot loader is working with 2 OSs
    -set bios boot disk to multibeast/chameleon boot loader disk
    -hook windows drive back up.

    In theory it should work. I've done the windows/OS X part of this but haven't tried putting a Linux partition on a drive in one of these machines. Even if the boot loader doesn't pickup the Windows drive you can use the bios boot selector to boot what drive you want.

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