PC2100 or PC2700 ?

Can anyone tell me if I've gotten the proper DDR-333? I'm trying to build my first computer. I'm going to go with a Soyo Dragon Ultra PE for the MB. Probably the KT-400 maybe the KT-333. I was told that the PC2100 2@256MB worked best with this MB. When I went to purchase the Ram all that was available was the PC2700. I was later informed that I wouldn't get the optimum performance from the PC2700 as it is only going to read up to the PC2100 specs.? Should I return the PC2700 and stick with PC2100?
What I have so far.
Maxtor 7200 RPM HD 120 GB
GeForce4 Ti4200 AGP(Asylum)64MB Nvidia Graphics card
Sound Blaster Audigy MP3t (Creative)
52X24X52 Internal CD-RW
10X/32 DVD-ROM
Antec SX1040B Performance II with 400W PS ATX Worktower.

Not sure which CPU to get? Am considering XP2600t?
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  1. your pc2700 will work fine... plus it will give you future upgradability possibilities to a higher FSB cpu... keep it...

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  2. Thank-you

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