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I picked up a Santa Cruz Voyetra and installed it, no problem everything works fine except! I have some old DOS games I like to play so I clicked on the dos sound emulater and all hell broke out. First, windows says new device found loading drivers. Second, windows restarts and freezes. Third, I can see that something was written to autoexec.bat says turtle beach ect. Fourth, I have to reboot and get sent to safe mode. There I have to take out all the drivers for the sound card and go into msconfig and remove the line in autoexec.bat. Reboot again and reinstall nVidia drivers fix all my display modes and some font sizes. Then reinstall sound drivers, any ideas?? I did e-mail Turtle Beach no reply.

MSI KT3-Ultra2 Bio's 5.6
XP1700 JIUHB0309
Tai-Sol CGK760092 H/S+Fan
Idle@44C Load@49C Room temp@85F
WD 30gig HD 7800rpm
Corsair 256 XMS3502v1.1
HCLK 2-2-5-2-4-4-1t-normal@333FSB
Albatron Ti4200P Turbo 128DDR
Core\295 Mem\639
Slot 3-Santa Cruz Voyetra sound card ****useing IRQ 10****
Slot 4-Intel 536EP V.92 modem
Asus 52x CD-ROM
Allied 400W P/S
Rheobus 4 Fan controller
Win 98se
VIA 4in1 Drivers
nVidia v40.72
DirectX 8.1
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  1. Easy answer! The soundcard is using an IRQ for dos mode (aka SB-16 compatability mode) that is already in use by another bus mastering device. Solution is:
    1. don't install this feature yet
    2. go into BIOS and set PNP OS to NO, which will allow BIOS to set IRQ's instead of Windows.
    3. Reserve IRQ 5 in BIOS
    4. Restart Windows, it will probably redetect 1 device or more.
    5. After everything is reconfigured, reinstall SB Compatabilty drivers for your card.
    6. As an added precaution, you can edit the Autoexec.bat line to read "I5" if needed (which stands for IRQ 5), as opposed to I7, etc.

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  2. I did get a reply from Turtle Beach here it is.

    Thank you for contacting Turtle Beach Tech Support.
    The DOS driver (Santa Cruz Game Device) needs another IRQ. You either do not have a free one available or its sharing it with something. Please make sure this card is not sharing IRQs. Make sure the card is installed in the unshared PCI slot. This is sometimes PCI slot 2, but consult the computer or motherboard manufacturer to be sure.To check for IRQ sharing please open the Device Manager.In Windows 9x & Windows ME,right-click on My Computer, click on Properties, then click on the Device Manager tab. Double-click on COMPUTER. This will show all of the IRQs in use. Make sure the card is not on IRQ 9 or sharing with any other device except IRQ Holder for PCI Steering. If it is sharing or on IRQ 9, uninstall, move the card to an unshared PCI slot, and reinstall.

    OK so the sound card is using IRQ 10 in slot 3 it shares this with:
    ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering
    VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
    No problem here.

    Slot 4
    IRQ 5 has the following:
    ACPI IRQ Holder ect.
    ACPI IRQ Holder ect.
    VIA PCI to USB ect.
    VIA Tech 3038 PCI ect.
    Intel 536EP V.92 Modem

    Turtle Beaches responce didn't mention what IRQ it needed but IRQ 5 sounds correct. I'll just move my modem to another slot and see what happens.
  3. Thing are just getting worse. I have to completely remove everything from IRQ 5 til it says (free). I have tried every which way I can think of and still I can't remove the (ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering) and (the VIA PCI to USB Enhanced Host controller) any idea's???? I looked in Bio's and can't find where to reserve an IRQ. There is slot 1-5 in which I can manually set an IRQ for that slot but that won't help.
  4. You can reserve IRQ5 in BIOS under the PNP menue, on some BIOS you need to set "Resources Controlled By" to "Manual" in order to bring up another menue, then select IRQ 5 as reserverd for ISA device or whatever.

    Other BIOS has a submenu called PCI Resource Exclusion.

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  5. I'm screwed!!!! My Kt3-ultra2 BIO's has no resource control. I only have access to the PCI slots and that makes no difference. Win98se under device manager does but, if I try to reserve IRQ 5 it says no way!!!! I need to get rid of the steering and host crap.
  6. Did you at least set PNP OS to NO in BIOS?

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  7. When this all started I originally had OS set to no. I still had no luck. I then formatted c: and reinstalled everything and set OS to yes. No go! I contacted msi support. I'll let you know what they have to say if anything.
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