Why doesnt windows7 see current raid 1

Hello, I had an existing properly working system consisting of a SSD 64GB for my OS and a Raid1 config with two 1TB drives for data. My SSD ended up being to small as certain programs do not let me remap content to a separate drive. I have upgraded (swapped out) to a 240GB SSD reinstalled windows on it and windows does not see my raid1 in disk management, nor does it see my two monitors or my connection to my router. Any idea's?? It was my understanding I could just swap out the SSD's and reinstall windows and it would see everything. Hmmm confused now.
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    Hi :)

    Umm you DID reinstall the Motherboard drivers of course ?? After Windows....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. did you try to install motherboard drivers first
    when you are installing windows ,can you instal windows on raid 1
    hard drives or windows don't recognize them ,if windows don't allow you install windows on raid 1 hard drives you have to insert your drivers disc during installing windows then select load drivers then select raid drivers from your disc driver after that you can instal windows on your raid hard drives
  3. OOOOOPS I jumped the gun and got nervious something went wrong, I forgot about that disk even though I had it with me before I started dahhh, I'm a jack ass sometimes. I just installed the motherboards drivers and all is good. Thank you much for the reminder, your the man :)
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