AMD/ATI video driver won't download, its commical

So I had several video crashes over the last few days so I decided download updated drivers for my x5850. Running windows 7/64 on a quad core i750. AMD drivers site says this is a legacy device. It also shows "vista" and the wrong part numbers so their site is messed up (using pull down menu's I selected my gear/OS) and yet it refers me to drivers for a device thats about 7 years old, instead of the one I actually requested for. AMD's site is broke. Perhaps their smaller staff can't read or decipher their own product line?
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  1. Problem might be you searched for a radeon X5xx which is legacy. What you have is a Radeon HD 5850 not x5850. Here's a link to the driver.
  2. Here's the good news, according to that I have the current driver at any rate.
  3. Do you get any error messages when it crashes?
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