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I recently installed Windows XP (the Norwegian version) on my PC (a fresh installation from a newly formatted hard drive). Now, it just freezes during startup, when the "loading Windows XP" screen shows up.

I had similar problems with Windows 98 (my previous operating system). This problem was caused by some strange IRQ conflict. To make a long story short and simple, I solved this problem by blocking out IRQ 11 in the Device Manager. Amongst other things, my RAID controller, soundcard and graphics adapter was on IRQ 11. After this, my PC worked flawlessly. When encountering the same probelm on Win XP, I tried to do the same thing, but I can find no function in XP to block out an IRQ. I've tried doing it from the BIOS, but that has no effect.

In running through the error logs in Win XP I've also noticed a returning error message that the ACPI BIOS is using a reserved memory area (or something to that effect, sorry I can't be more specific). Since the ACPI controls the IRQ's, I suppose that this could be part of the problem.

I'm quite proficient in PC use, but now I'm completely stumped. I've tried anything I know, and I really, really hope someone here can help me. I really have to get my PC up and running again soon! HELP!!!
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  1. Pretty sure that should be in that area of memory, have you tried repairing the installation with recovery console?

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  2. UPDATE: I've reinstalled Win XP, and now it works flawlessly... Well, I've worked with PCs for so long that nothing surprises me any more. I'm just glad it works.

    Thanks for all help!
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