What's ECC?

I've been digging around in RDRAM and was wondering what the difference between ECC and non ECC was. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. ECC is Error Correction Code or Error Correting Code.

    Basically it is a way to make sure that the data remains free from one bit errors. One bit errors are the most common. ECC cannot fix more that a one bit error but anything more than a one bit are extremely rare.

    Your CPU uses ECC in its cache.

    This is a basic explination. If you need more info or something more specific just let us here in the THGC know.

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  2. Yeah. Also ECC RAM is a type of memory that includes special circuitry for testing the accuracy of data as it passes in and out of memory. If you are not setting up a server or not running data critical programs, then it's really not necessary to spend the extra $ for ECC memory. You won't notice any difference between the ECC and non-ECC ones.
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