has anyone used this ram before??

I was wondering if I just made a slight error in judgement...

I just ordered OCSystem 512mb PC2700 DDR 333 CL2 ram stick for $70 USD (after tax). Has anyone ever used this ram before? I can't find any articles or info on the ram except from the OCSystem web site. That's like asking a Ford dealer if Ford's are good cars or not!

I really hope the ram is ok. The OCSystem web site boasts that the chips are hand-picked and are top performance for gamers and 3-d artist's (like myself). So, if anyone has info on the ram please don't be shy to let it out! :D


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  1. well I just came across this:

    quote: "2/11/03 8:08 PM
    Well, this is my second order from OCSystem, and this one actually went ok. They couldn't exactly cheat me on some fan grills and mesh filters, now could they? (although the $10 shipping on $15 worth of small items was a bit expensive) However, I have still not gotten my refund back (minus their f***ing $10 charge for taking the time to rip me off) for my previous order of PC3200 CAS2/CL2 RAM (which was actually PC2700 CAS2/CL2). This company should really be out of business. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER ORDERING RAM, VIDEO CARDS, OR ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY THAT THEY CAN FAKE AND MAKE IT LOOK GENUINE. Obviously, this would be very difficult to do with fans and such, but anything on their site that says "OCSystem" as the brand name....STAY AWAY, BECAUSE IT IS A FAKE!!!!! They do not pretest anything, and that I can assure you. I hate to see this company still in business, regularly ripping people off every day, but there isn't much else I can do but leave this comment. Some sites I recommend are: Newegg, Googlegear, SVC, BananaPC, GameVE, ENPC, Nutrend, EMSComputing, Directron, and PCMods. I have had only very positive experiences with all of these sites."

    this does not look good...

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