Case, case, which case?

Putting together a new system finally!!
Kickin' my PIII 733 down for a server.

This is what I have so far:

-Gigabyte GA-7VRXP mobo
-Corsair CMX512-2700C2 512 PC2700 GAMER MEMORY
-Maxtor 80 gig HD
-Asus 52x24x52 cdrw
-SB Audigy Platinum

Still debating :

-AMD 2400+ 266 or 2600+ 266 (eventhough a tech said the mobo would handle a 2600+ 333, I just don't see it)
-Leadtek GF4 4600 VIVO 128 mb (suggestions welcome, please!)
-DVD/CDrom (possibly the LiteOn, again suggestions welcome!)
-which case to put this all in? I know ANTEC, but thats my extent on them.

ANY thoughts on the system so far are more than welcome, this is my first real system from scratch. Professional input is needed.



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    Check out the Antec website if you're interested in their cases. I'm using a 1080AMG which I'm very happy with. They have a decent selection of various styles and sizes. It depends on what all you decide to stuff in there, how much you want to spend, and whether or not you want to mod the case.

    Here are some other links for your information. Your best bet would probably be to find something you like, then see about buying it through Newegg.

    Whatever you decide on, make sure you end up with a good PSU.
  2. There are lots of nice cases out there. Chieftek makes Antec cases, and my best recommendation on a power supply is "anything with FSP in the model number". Fortron/Source Power Man makes power supplies that sell under the names Power Man, Aopen, Sparkle Power, and PC Power & Cooling. These are among the best supplies you can buy.

    You could get a nice Chieftec case withoutout power for around $50, and a nice FSP power supply for around $50, and kick butt for years.

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  3. I personally like cheiftec cases too. Simple, cheap and they got the rails on them so installation is a breeze. Their website has some cool cases. I also hear that ANTEC makes a great PWR supply. It beat a lot of the other brand names in output with little ripple voltage.
  4. That's the case I have been eyeing for awhile now. One of my buds has a 1080 and I know he's happy with it.
    This is for my first system build, so I want it to be kick ass. Is there a Chieftech comparable or should I just go with the Antec?

    Trying to get there, but seems to be no shortcut!
  5. Crash,

    Thanks, what's the best one I can get? I listed the componets so far that I'm putting into it above. Still debating on the Vid card. I have a Vid cam that only has A/v, S vid and Laserlink connections. What's the closest high end vid card I can get for the system that would do really good?
    I've been told ATI mostly, I currently have an ATI 32mb DDR, so kinda tells you what I am going from.

    Trying to get there, but seems to be no shortcut!
  6. It really depends on what your criteria are for a good case. If looks are important to you than your opinion may differ from others. However functionality is a major factor too. There is a guide to picking cases on this site.

    Personally I reccomend the Antec Plus1080AMG it comes with a very nice 430w power supply, has plenty of room to work in, and looks pretty nice. The only knock against it is that it doesnt have a mobo tray.
  7. I believe the VIVO functions work better on ATI cards, but you could just get a separate video input card or TV-Tuner card (they usually include video inputs).

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  8. Cheiftec makes the cases for Antec FYI.
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