Hissing Sound in games but not in windows

Hi there guys

Got a bit of a weird one. When i am in windows for example chatting on MSN, checking email or watching a moive i get crystal clear sound from my Logtech X540 speakers BUT the second i go into any kind of game i get this light hissing noise sort of like crickets even. Some games it is louder then other i have check with the game settings my problem doesnt lie there are it does it with more then one game. When im in the game the sound of the game still comes through and overpowers the hissing but for example if i am playing GRID and i pause the game i get the hissing sound and if i turn the master volume down in the game again i get the hissing sound. Also another intresting thing to note is that if i am on msn mic chatt or vent others can also hear the hissing but much louder then i can.

Any ideas guys. Settings ? Drivers ?

i have done a fresh install and installed all up to date drivers for everying so no idea guys.
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  1. What soundcard do you have? It doesn't have a Game setting whereby it changes sound settings when you start a game by any chance? They're 5.1 right?
  2. Dont have a soundcard im just using the onboard sound on my MOBO and no it doesnt have a settings that change when i start a game. Weird tho as i was trying it out last night it does it on World of warcraft, Grid but not Cod4..

    My motherboard is the Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P
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