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Can i hack gmail account without software???

hey guys recently my gmail accounts are hacked by a hacker and i cant claim my account even by forgot password button. so as a revenge i even told the crime police but no legal steps were taken. therefore i want my account back as it contains my important personal stuff which i dont want to be abused by any1. so please any1 help me telling how to hack. i know there a way to hack using phish but i cant make a free account on any site. i would be very thankful ever and would consider u as my god... i know hacking accounts is not legal but in my case i think its very legal. i bet i will not make any misuse of hack. plzz help its really very urgent.
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    sorry to hear about your situation. but we don't provide help with any kind of hacking or the like.
    discussing hacking, cracking is against forum rules.
    ask google and law enforcement about your issue.
  2. so what can be done in my situation , i am totally depressed
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  4. Sorry, Tom's Hardware forum doesn't provide any guide to bypass password protection.

    We cannot verify if you are the legit owner.

    Thanks for your understanding.
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