Logitech Z-680 and Audigy 2: Digital Connection?

I have an Audigy 2 and Logitech Z-680 speakers. The Z-680's accept either analog, optical or coax inputs. I have configured the speakers to work flawlessly using the included analog cable (Front/Rear/ Center+Sub). However, I would like to connect the Audigy2 to the Z-680's using the Digital output minijack on the soundcard.

The online support documentation included with the audigy2 noted that the the soundcard can be connected to a decoder (which the z-680's have) using a mono 3.5 mm minijack leading to a RCA coax; I tried this and the best results I achived were two channel stereo if anything at all. My next move today will be to try to obtain a 3.5 mm mini jack adapter that plugs into a Toslink cable (i.e., minjack on one end, toslink on the other) and try a digital connection through the Z-680's optical input. This solution is based upon a mini-jack--Toslink cable that Creative sells at their website that I assume is for that task. Hopefully this will work, but ...

1) I would very much like to know what results others are getting with their Soundblaster soundcards and Z-680's who have them digitally connected.

2) TOM'S HARDWARE STAFF: Did you have the Z-690's connected digitally in your review of 5.1 systems? If so, how?

3) Without a direct didgital connection to the Z-680's, I am unable to access the control center's DTS decoding, which really sucks, considering it's one of the features that sets it apart from its competitors.


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  1. Heh

    Well first of all, optical cables ONLY carry stereo. There is a loophole where you can turn off spdif passthru and actually get PL2 music/movie and stereox2 as well through your optical cables, but that messes up your analog connection.

    With analog cables "6 channel direct" is DD, DTS, and anything else the audigy 2 can decode (aka DD EX)
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