Double router, will then transmit different addresses?

i have a unique situation, I need to use VPN for my job, I cannot do ANYTHING online without connecting on my laptop. The problem is I have orange broadband with a new brightbox. It doesnt work for VPN, and orange wont provide any tech support and my work have their hands tied and the office is 2hours drive away. Basically concluding it wont work!

However - my laptop and VPN works on other networks, all other networks in fact! This includes my parents house which is also on orange?! they are however using an older netgear N series router.

So I'm going to borrow their router, plug it in at mine and try it. now the main questions is, if i bought a router same as my parents (subject to it working), can i bridge the 2 and run them both? I really dont want to loose the brightbox as its mega quick for my other devices and also has a range outside and in the conservatory, no other router has ever got this far for me

ANy help would be great
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  1. You can always daisy chain routers, ad infinitum, WAN to LAN. Just make sure each is using different networks (e.g., 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x). If the existing modem+router can be placed in bridge mode, then essentially you’ve demoted the device to only a modem, and likewise, you can connect any router to it. And you’ll only have the one network (preferred), not two.
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