Multi screen switched

I've a problem with my DUAL screens in win 7 with nasty consequences ATI HD4800

1)as I go in ControlPanel-Screen resolution and hit Identify left=screen 1 Right = screen 2
2) as I go to Collor management and identify I've got leftsceen =2 Right =sceeen 1

Somehow identification and presentation is screwed UP
I've 2 identical monitors on a dual port controler , the only difference in the name is DISPLAY 1 or DISPLAY 2

THere is as such no way to determine which is wich ?

A) is there a way to change the display name to for example LEFT blabla - Right Bla BLA....

my screens are calibrated with a left .ICM and a right .ICM

But there is clearly confuson about left and right.

To make matters worse , as I set my ICM as default profile (controll panel Color calibration)I notice no
change or difference It is as if the profiles are ignored

B) is there an other - different - better -surer way to set the correct ICM profile
ex via the driver ????

I realy need to adjust colors correctly (photo handling)

Any help ??? Urgent
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  1. I presume you've tried adjusting the screens in CCC (Catalyst Control Panel)
  2. no, i used an external calibrator to create icm
    no manual setting is crrect enough
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