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Looking for a 32 inch TV that is an outstanding monitor.
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  1. Most TV's will be limited to 1080p resolution which is not really very high when using such a large screen. It would be OK for a promo display or somthing like but not much good as a desktop display.

    32" 1080p TV resolution = 1920x1080
    30" IPS monitor resolution = 2560x1600

    It's one of the reasons that large PC monitors are a lot more expensive than TV displays of the same size.
  2. You could go all out like myself and spend 3 Grand on a PC projector. Looks awseome, and easy to carry.

    Otherwise look here:

    Or here for just large sizes:
  3. so basically your going to want to find a TV that has the computer input you wish to use, if you have a laptop with only a VGA port you may want to look for that feature, otherwise you may have DVI or most common, the HDMI port. (There are adapters to switch fbetween any of these types and many TV's will have both VGA/Analog/Dsub as well as HDMI.

    Other than that, you will want to make sure you can get a resolution of at least 1920x1080, The IPS 30" monitor suggested by audiovoodoo that has the resolution of 2650x1600 would obviously look better than 1920x1080 as it has a much higher pixel density but you will also be paying more for it.

    Pretty much any TV will let you use a computer with it so aside from the inputs and resolution, the thing that usually makes TV's not as great as an actual computer monitor is they dont always have as low of refresh rates. I would suggest looking at getting something with a faster refresh rate/response time. TV's will advertise in hz so a 240hz tv is better than a 120hz which would be better than 60hz whereas monitors typically advertise in ms so lower is better here (5ms or 2ms is common) when you get much higher its possible that you will see "ghosting" if playing a fast paced, high FPS games.

    Now if you get just a larger monitor as linked to by combat wombat, keep in mind that the displays in those links are not going to have a TV Tuner built into them unless you specifically see "TV", if that matters or not is up to you. Difference between a HDTV and a computer monitor:
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