How to fix toshiba satellite l450 black screen after bios update

i had updated my bios and i had a hard time waiting until it stops responding. when i try to restart it nothing is possible so i removed the baterry and put it again then try to start it and nothing happens. anobody can help me?
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  1. if the bios update failed you have bricked your laptop and will need to have it professionally repaired.
  2. can you help me solve this problem?
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    If the laptop failed to update, I do not think anyone here will be able to help you recover it. You will have to contact Toshiba to see if they have a way to restore it(The bios rom data NOT the system it self).

    The problem is that when a flash does not finish, the data in the flash rom chip has in most cases already been erased to install the new data.

    In this case after a power loss(shut down without finish), without the BIOS, the computer does not know what to do(The bios tells it how to do its thing). On a desktop sometimes you can recover with a CD or Flash drive, but since this is a laptop, I do NOT even know if you can.

    Sorry for the BAD news
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  5. thank you so much for the advice, i hope you can help me with my future inquiry.
  6. did you flash the bios on boot, or through windows. hopefully you did not do the latter
  7. yeah its through windows. is there any way to solve the problem? i hope so you do give more ideas. thanks
  8. yeah, when flashing the bios, you are suppose to do it on the bios, the reason why its like that is due to improper flashing. As for the fix for that, I'm not the kind of person to go through. But at least you know your problem.
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