I have received two E-mails from legitimate contacts that claim that my E-mail h

I have received two E-mails from legitimate contacts that say my E-mail has been hacked. They both refer me to separate
sights from which I can change my E-mail and password. Questions:

1. Have I really been hacked, or is this a virus that has taken over their E-mail and is phishing for my E-mail and passwords?

2. What is a Hacked E-mail? Have the taken over my E-maikl?

3. What do I do?
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  1. Do not reply to those emails or click on any hyperlinks shown on them!

    Just ignore them and delete.

    You haven't been hacked & it's not a virus. Those emails are "spam" fakes which will take you to a phishing web-page.
    Your email has not been hacked, but that's what the sender of those emails is trying to do with your unwitting help.
  2. It's called spoofing your email address. It happens all the time. Just delete them, and the people on the other end should do the same.

    If you question the links in an email, just hover your mouse over the link, and It'll show you what the link actually is directing to.
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