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After looking around i think ive decided on a case (aiming for case\psu for under $100US). Like everything there are to many choices :). Im thinking the Antec SLK3700. Before that i was thinking the Antec LANBOY. Still not 100% sure. Most SLK3700 seem to come with the Antec SL350 psu included. I can get one without the psu included. Should i just stick with the SL350 psu or go for the SL400 for the SLK3700? Whats the difference between the Antec solution series and truepower psu's? Should go for one over the other.

My new PC is for gaming and will only have n average number of power sapping devices: 1 HDD, ATI vid card, 1 usb wheel, a couple fans.....

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appeciated. Thanks.
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  1. Defintately go with a True Power PSU.

    You could probably get away with running a 350W supply, but 400W+ might be better for you in the long run, or if you have/add more power sucking devices.
  2. i believe they are equally good power supplies, and you should chose your case based on which one you like more since they are all high quality...

    <b>I like big butts - and i <i>can</i> lie</b>
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