Win7 64-bit memory missing?

I have 6GB of ram installed on windows 7 64-bit ultimate. For some reason I'm noticing that the usage will rise past 50%, but I am unable to find all of the used resources. From what I found, I'm using roughly 3.2GB of RAM when I add up all the memory usage under the processes tab.

I would appreciate any help with this issue. Thank you!
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  1. Did you account for the cache? It's under "performance" tab.
  2. PS: I see StarCraft using 1.8G. I doubt you will see it using more than 2GB. Maybe 3GB if the .exe is flagged as "LARGE_FILE" (don't have it so I don't know). If you get not enough RAM errors, it's because the game is 32-bit, not the OS. It's the game that runs out of space.
  3. Thanks mathew7 for your help.
    So right now under cache, I am using 1066MB at 72% memory usage.

    But I'm still a little confused because after adding up the total memory I'm barely approaching the 5GB mark - no where near 6GB....
  4. Okay, so after looking into it, it seems that once I approach 5GB mark, I get an error. (see photo) Starcraft II does not take more than 2GB of RAM, I have 1072MB in cache.

    From my understanding I am using ~3GB including starcraft II. I'm not sure where the rest of the RAM usage is coming from.

  5. is this just when you're running starcraft? I have experienced memory leaks in the past running Crysis, System memory usage rised until it was using 4gb of ram and the game fps slowly dropped until it crashed. Weirdly when I upgrade to 8gb of ram this memory leak fixed its self and never even got close to 4gb of memory usage.
  6. So far, yes its only been an issue with Starcraft II open. Although I do approach 70%+ when surfing the web [sometimes 30+ tabs with autopager/endless pages] which is a bit of a concern for me.

    I am considering purchasing more RAM - i'm still undecided as I may add three 4GB sticks so my system has a total of 18GB of RAM. But I'm not sure if that is entirely necessary. Perhaps an additional three 2GB sticks will be sufficient as 12GB is more than enough.

    I was doing a little more work on the side, and I was able to use additional ram (93%) without my system bothering me to close programs:

  7. Can you close your all programs and state what the memory usage is at idle? as well as your memory usage with just starcraft open? Browsers can be very memory demanding... especially with 30+ tabs. How much virtual memory have you got? Your system sometime needs virtual memory to cache things on the HDD to save memory on things which don't need the high speeds.

    As a basis
    I'm using 2.4GB running firefox with 8 tabs with Core Temp, Kaspersky and Evga Precision running in the background running starcraft in the background I would put at around 4.4GB at the usage you're showing with SC... my idle usage is normally about 1.4gb. with 30 tabs I believe my usage would be pretty close to 6gb (or maby even more) with starcraft running as well. My computer is pretty clean as well since I've only had the computer about 3 months.
  8. Oh If you do decided to buy a new memory kit make sure the specs are the same as your current memory. It's not a good idea running memory with different timings and frequencys (I would personally buy the same kit as the previous set). As for Size I don't think it matters too much as I have run a 2gb and 1gb stick on single channel memory (my personal preference is not to mix and match though).
  9. I am using 1270MB upon start-up [yeah I have alot of 3rd party UI's and productivity things running].

    30 tabs is a slight exaggeration. I do however use waterfox + chrome simultaneously, which maybe in total I will have 4-8 tabs open. I will get memory pop-ups when I have 8+ tabs with sc2 open. I occasionally will open photoshop for some quick editing (very elementary stuff).

    Well I purchased my current RAM sticks a few years ago and they are no longer being made.
    The original spec's are:

    1600MHz DDR3
    CL 7-7-7-24

    I've been currently running it at these spec's, not trying to change it up because my computer is completely stable.


    I was considering getting another 6GB or another 12GB - I'm still undecided though...
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