How do I find the WEP/WPA/Security Key/Password for my wireless router

My router came from my cable provider (comcast) it has WiFi built into it. I remember changing the password they sent me, and I still remember what I changed it to. The router has an xfinity label on it and on the back it has a SMC model label on it. I am trying to connect my tv to the WiFi however when I am prompted to enter the security code password I get an unable to connect reply. Please advise as to how to get my password security code. Also, please remember that I can not assist in providing a user name or password. A Comcast technician advised me or tried to persuade me to purchase their live tech support. I already give them enough money and felt terrible that they wouldn't help without me first paying them money.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Everything you need to know about how to find your password - also known as the security key - is in our Sticky Post on the subdject and here is a link to it.

    If you can't get past the login page, try admin and password as the admin name and password. It may just work.
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