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PC slows down when using network, admin user not infected

March 9, 2013 3:13:26 PM

So i just came back from school, booted the computer, log to my user account of the pc, and then i noticed my pc is stuttering/slow.
The mouse movement is choppy, some startup programs not responding (steam, skype, etc.), and its just slow in general.

I did just installed a game on steam few days ago, i removed it but nothing works. Then i decided to disconnect the wifi, it started recovering. I tried using ethernet cable and it slows back down, figured it was probably a virus triggered by connecting to the internet.

In the night my dad used the pc (out of 2 user accounts. He's the admin)
The pc acted normaly, connects to the internet and everything was fine, but when i came back to my user, everything slows back down.

I already tried scanning the pc, nothing shows up, tried with both avg and norton (both are the free version).

Here are the system's detail:
Windows 7 Home Premium
4gb ram
500gb hdd
Amd radeon hd 6450.

I saw other people with problems like this, most of them are caused by virus. But the thing is, with this pc, is that the admin is not affected whatsoever.