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Im interested in purchasing one of those all in one printers that will scan, fax and print and copy. Im wondering, when you recieve a fax on these systems, can you have them save the fax to the computer rather than print everything out that is faxed to you? I receive a lot of faxes for work but many of them dont need to be printed out. If anyone has this, please let me know if this is possible.

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  1. depends on which model you have/will have, though you can always have a fax software answer and save your faxes

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  2. These devices are always the worst possible solution IMO. Normally they comprimise quality of the printer. Printer supplies are often more expensive for them. And if something breaks, you're out a printer AND scanner.

    I would like to suggest you use a FAX Modem and software to receive faxes. Then you can view them and print the ones you like. And use a separate printer and scanner.

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