Problems :(

Ok, hi...

I recently purchased a load of new hardware that was on special offer...

The motherboard that came with the bundle was a XFX FT400 and it has onboard audio...

I wanted, however, to use my SB Audigy... So after installing everything, I went into the system properties, and disabled the onboard audio (which is Avance C97 or sommat like that).... But when I went to reboot, the computer turned itself off whenever it had finished booting....

So after trying to fix this problem, I seem to have got myself into another spot of bother.... whenever I try to boot up XP... I get the blue screen of death... and the machine won't boot at all :S

Does anyone know a way, short of re-installing XP or reformatting, that could help this??

Thanks, any help at all appreciated!
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  1. Boot into safe mode, reenable the onboard sound, and disable it from the BIOS, and see if that fixes your problem.

    Hit "F8" continuously at startup to get the boot menu.

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  2. ... or just try disabling it in BIOS, now that XP is *supposedly* not expecting to see it in there. Might save you a few steps...

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  3. I would say do that, but I would try to reverse the damage he's already done before trying to do more, which is why I suggested removing the drivers. That way at least windows recognizes the hardware so it can uninstall the drivers. If you start by disabling it in the BIOS, those drivers are still there.

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