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Problems :(

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May 8, 2003 11:48:40 PM

Ok, hi...

I recently purchased a load of new hardware that was on special offer...

The motherboard that came with the bundle was a XFX FT400 and it has onboard audio...

I wanted, however, to use my SB Audigy... So after installing everything, I went into the system properties, and disabled the onboard audio (which is Avance C97 or sommat like that).... But when I went to reboot, the computer turned itself off whenever it had finished booting....

So after trying to fix this problem, I seem to have got myself into another spot of bother.... whenever I try to boot up XP... I get the blue screen of death... and the machine won't boot at all :S

Does anyone know a way, short of re-installing XP or reformatting, that could help this??

Thanks, any help at all appreciated!

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May 9, 2003 6:54:32 PM

... or just try disabling it in BIOS, now that XP is *supposedly* not expecting to see it in there. Might save you a few steps...

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