bootable solid state storage (cheap) any solutions

i am in need of a small (>256MB) bootable storage device that is not a hard drive and can be made internal to the system (i.e. reside inside the box with no outside connections)

i was thinking of using a standard USB thumb drive rigged to an internal usb header (need a device to do this cheaply).

the purpose is to boot a linux distro for a firewall/NAS device without the need for a full blown HD (a floppy is too small)

any idas on what do do (preferably a cheap solution, a 128MB thumb drive is around $40, just need an interface to a standard 4 pin header.)
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  1. How about a flash card, like real firewalls use?
  2. any ideas on a bootable interface?

    and 4 that matter, media

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  3. Try this...

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