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I've got an Athlon XP2000 processor that keeps overheating. At idle it runs at about 67 deg. When playing games it runs all the way up to 80 when Asus probe warning kicks in.

My machine consists of: Asus A7V333 mobo; 250W PSU; Ati Radeon 9000 AGP; 512MB DDR Ram; Cooler Master fan which runs @ 4200rpm(too low).

The heatsync is connected properly. I urgently need help, thought I should get a bigger PSU, not sure though.

Maybe it's just too warm in Cape Town this time of year?!
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  1. Well if your talking Degrees your way good.If it Celcius your in bad shape.And a 250 watt powersupply is to small.350 would be the minumum for any AMD.As far as your Heatsink Fan i would not know.I build my own . Mix and match from the best.From that i get the best.
  2. It's Celcius. Strangely enough my mate has an XP1800 processor also with a 250W PSU, and his temp never goes above 49.
    I'll try a 350W though. Thanks for the help.
  3. Is that a stock AMD cooler you're using?
    If so you may want to investigate a better cooler.

    Have you removed the plastic cover from the thermal goop on the bottom of the cooler? (The temps you are describing suggest you may not have)

    Is the CPU core voltage set correctly... should be 1.7 or 1.75 for that chip.

    Have you removed and replaced the cooler without removing the old thermal goop and putting in thermal grease? (The AMD pads are not re-useable)

    Is the heatsink on the right way around? (There is a step in the bottom of the sink, the high side should be above the header of the cpu socket. Backwards will cause the cooler to be tilted on the chip and cooling will be terrible.)

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  4. Well you wont have to change anything at your PSU (yet) as a PSU can't create overheating like this... and if it runs stable beside the overheating problem then there shouldn't be any reason to buy one.

    I suggest that you check out your case temp first... if that one is also way above room temp then you need case cooling. If the case temp isn't high then you might want to check if you're using a good thermal paste or buy a better HSF as it seems like the Coolermaster can't do the job.

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  5. It does sound heatsink related, besides the label on the bottom covering the heatsink grease the heatsink itself could be on the wrong way around (yes i have seen both the label on the heatsink and the heatsink on the wrong way around in a system before) or like one of the previous posts you might have a below average cooler (sorry AMD but they are lousy D- "could do better") maybe something with a copper core?
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