Steelseries Siberia v2 USB ( USB PnP Sound Device Driver )

Hello everyone !

I have Steelseries Siberia V2 Usb headset and when i downloaded the USB PnP sound device driver from the Steelseries site and start installation ( Im Using Win 7 64-bit ) it freeze at the end so i have to turn it off but its installed anyway i can see it in control center so then i restarted my PC and the Control center of the driver appear ( it detect also the USB fine ) but i dont hear any sound and when i start do some settings and try change volume it stop working ( dont react ) and before the installation of the driver the sound works fine and it detect the USB also. So i thought it was because i unistalled Realtek Audio Driver so then i downloaded the latest and installed restarted PC and now i got installed USB PnP sound device driver + Realtek Audio Driver but now i cant get into USB PnP sound device driver control centrum and cant even start it nothing happends and also it dont want to detect the USB so i dont hear any sounds so then i unistalled the USB Pnp sound device driver and it can detect the USB now but after installing it again the same problem... Seems that there is problem when Realtek audio and the UsB pnp sound device drivers are installed but even if is only installed USB pnp sound driver there is same problem as i said before so i rly dont know and its annoying me! :(

Please help me someone :( Thx much
Regards Lumicko
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  1. Please someone ? :(
  2. Same here please help.
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