Problem with My CD-RW Writer Drive, Please Help!

Ok I am running a XP, fast computer. Everything is fine. I was watching a DIVX movie today, in my CD-RW writer drive, normal CD, done it a thousand times. About halfway through the movie, the CD makes a funny noise, and stops, I close the Program (GDivx) and unboot the disc. I wait for a few seconds, then reboot the disc. Nothing, my orange lights flashes for a while, not spinning, no reading, no noise at all, then disappears. I have tried all my CD-R's, none work. I tried shutting down my computer and restarting it. I don't think this is a problem with the lens at all, because my CD-RW won't even recongize the CD, or is it. I experimented and opened Nero, popped in a brand new, unwritten CD-R, and tried to burn a regular CD. Nero said.."please insert disc with succifient capacity." i.e. telling to me that it does not recongize the disc. Should i go and un-install/re-install my drivers for the writer. Or should I try to the CD-disc cleaner, or is my burner toast. Please help me THANKS!
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  1. I'm assuming Windows still "sees" the CD-RW. If it is then the drive's electronics are still working.

    Insert a disc and note the position of the label. If the label hasn't changed position when you close then open the draw then the drive motor isn't working.

    If it does move then discs simply aren't being recognized. Either the laser/pickup has failed or the lens is dirty but you should be able to hear this.

    Since you can't hear anything I'm guessing the drive belt broke.

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  2. Ok, well you are correct it is the belt drive, because the position doesn't change. System Stability is good, it still recongizes it is there etc. etc, so what do you propose I do about this? Thank you oh so much for your help!

    Do I need to buy a new belt, replace the whole CD-RW drive, please reply Thanks!
  3. The problem could be the motor itself.

    I've never tried to repair a CDROM/CD-RW but it would drive me nuts if I thought one of my drives weren't working simply because of a belt.

    I just opened a couple drives. (Been a while since I last did this). An expensive but old HP writer seems to have a belt drive but a cheap CDROM (not so old) has a direct drive. The belt in the HP seems a bit inaccessible.

    It's up to you if you want to even look but it's probably not worth the effort to repair, assuming a belt is the problem.

    I'd doublecheck the IDE cable at both ends. If that not the problem get a new writer. Sorry.

    Test another power connector and also another CDROM/CDRW if you have one, just to make sure it's not a power issue.

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  4. i seem to have the same problem. I put an audo cd in, opened and closed it a bit but the drive label never changed.

    Another thing ive noticed is when i turn on my comp it says detecting ide devices for around a min or 2 whilst the led on the front of my drive flashes green and red.

    I think it gives up trying to check it then continues to windows. However if i open the cd tray while it says checking for ide devices, it boots like normal.

    Not only did it do it in my pc but also my friends pc.

    Also, it says S L A over the jumper, i know S stands for slave but what do the other 2 stand for? Which is master?

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  5. If the drive doesn't spin in either of two computers I'd say it's time for a new drive.

    Don't know about the "S L A".

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
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