i will be seeking an apartment soon not sure how soon but i am planning to move out knowing how apartments are i am seeking devices and technology that will help me maximize the amount of mobility of my network

i already going to obtain a rca wireless phone adapter that even supports voip
now i know these adapters basicly use powerline technology and for dsl lines and phone lines that should be ok right ?
i wll be taking with me some decent wifi router hardware however i and seeking for a means to set up an ethernet network that lacks need for wires and cabling

in other words portable ethernet jacks

need a means to have a system where i can set up ethernet network without cables without need for software or computers

looked at powerline technology and ts crap for my needs

i know of ethernet to wireless bridges and that almost works but i need something a bit better

i need to be able to plug a device into a ordinary ethernet port on a router or non software reliant device send that transmssion via a cableless means have it received on a device on the other end that provides a ethernet port

all without the need of a computer

a means to install an ethernet jack anywhere i want without a computer and without the flaws and unreliable throughput of a powerline the concept of powerline would be perfect if its band width and stability was not crap

i am basiclly looking for an gigabit ethernet style powerline replacement solution

any advice anyone i want everything wireless and i want my ethernet to be wireless too yet behave as if it was regualr ethernet when seen by computers no matter what state they are in even if they are booting off a dos linux or low level enviroment i want hardcore ethernet function in full without the cables without the need for software to be present in order to use it i prefer gigabit ethernet speeds i will not tolerate 10 ethernet but 100 ethernet will be half decent

any advice
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  1. So you are asking for a solution that everyone uses 802.11 based wireless to solve but you don't want to use that solution because it is not good enough?

    Good luck if someone had that product it would already be on the market.

    You will never get anywhere close to gigbit ethernet speeds even with the newest equipment. All radio is half duplex where gig ethernet is full duplex.

    You could look at using the newest 802.11ac products which claim to be able to run 1300m ....maybe you get a couple hundred in real life. since 802.11ac is not a final standard you need to buy all your equipment from a single vendor to ensure compatibility. Still this platform has all the problem of any wireless solution regarding interference and signal levels. In addition you cannot even think to use any of the older N or G equipment with it since it will just revert back to those protocols and not use any of the expensive AC features you paid extra for.
  2. i found what i was looking for i found a linksys brand wireless n range extender / bridge

    it has the ability to directly communicate with a device of its same make and model

    all i need is two of these linksys devices to get the job done its not gigabit speed and i have found the device that can pull it off at gigabit speed but i dont truly need gigabit just yet or wifi ac

    i just needed one ethernet connection sent via cableness means

    two linksys re1000 adapters will do what i need for now look em up if ya want to im gone thx anyway bye
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