Video card driver for windows 7 free download

try to find this driver
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  1. srinivasan_88 said:
    try to find this driver

    Can't help you without knowing what brand/type/model you have.
  2. What card?

    NVidia Geforce


    Windows should do an automatic install for intel cards. If it doesn't, hit the Start button and type "Change" into the search bar, select "Change device installation settings" and change the setting either "Automatic" or something which includes download driver updates from Windows Update. For some reason Microsoft disabled this by default.
  3. well if you have an nvidia card go here
    amd/ati card go here
    without any more information provided by yourself thats about as good as its getting.
    as for any onboard graphics be specific. try a program called speccy it will all of your components for you.
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