Gmod failed to load launcher dll

:cry: I need help to get my gmod working..
First of all. I was playing gmod successfully yesterday, today i downloaded some things into my gmod, i tried to play it.
and it Gave me this: Failed to load launcher DLL, my brother gave me advice and he said: ''You should delete all the files
and reinstall gmod on steam'' I tried, but.. it still gave me the same error, no diffrences.
And yes, i am a girl, i know girls can be professional technics but im not the master of that so dont ask me to do
advanced weird things.. But if there is no other way, tell me it the normal style and ill ask my brothers to help because
they are the only ones i can ask to help me right now..

Its my favorite game and i cant lose it in my life. ;_;
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  1. everyone has this problem right now, you would know if you would read

    it says:

    "Yesterday’s Source Engine update has broken compatibility with Garry’s Mod.

    Failed to load the launcher DLL:

    The specific procedure could not be found.

    I’m aware of the situation and I’m working on getting it sorted, sorry for the downtime please bear with me."

    we´ll just have to wait for now : /
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