Computer restarts randomly.

Hi first time posting and i just wanna say that this is an awesome website.

Ok so this all started when i wanted to add new ram. I was running on 4gbs of ram then i recently bought 2 4gbs of ram so installed it and then my computer started randomly restarting. Then i changed the ram back to how it was and it is still happening now. Im not sure what to do exactly.

Here are my specs.
Intel Core I7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz
Gtx 460 768gb
Windows 64 bit
4gbs of ram.

Also i am running speed fan to see if the heat is the problem.
but currently everything is fine. GPU at 58c CPU at 46c so im not sure what the problem is exactly.
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  1. Hello friends,

    Computers can restart for various reasons. It often occurs due to hardware issues, but may also occur due to software. Overheating and RAM (Random Access Memory) problems are some of the most common causes.

    Best regards
    Agili Ron
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